Friday, September 28, 2012

My room

 Welcome to my classroom!  This year my classroom got an overhaul.  A new coat of paint, all new bulletin boards and so, I needed a new theme.  I am "cheap."  I don't buy a new theme each year.  So, for the last 8 years we have been hopping into the Pre-K pond.  This year we are Super!!!!  Super Heroes are everywhere!  This area is our story center.  It opens about the fourth week of school after my kids understand what my procedures are for centers.  In this center there are magnetic story pieces to retell stories we have told through tout the week, flannel boards with pieces, clip boards with paper, markers (not found in other places in the classroom), a small book case with class-made books, stuffed animals, puppets and puppet theater, items to make puppets (sometimes open ended, sometimes specific).  
 Here is our Greeting/Carpet area.  I LOVE that we have these wonderful projectors that our school auction purchased for us last year.  I did not realize how much I used them especially for 30 seconds to a minute and a half at a time until lightening took out the "wireless" connection piece of it!  Yuck!!!  It takes me 3 minutes to switch out my monitor for my projector now...not so user friendly.   I just don't use it as often.  This also serves as our block center during center time.  Which is why you see a ton of "clutter" under the board.  The buckets house various blocks under our white board.  The left part of the shelf in the picture has the other portion of our block options.  This is where later we add variety to the center.  I will a variety of odds and ends to the block center to expand and extend their play/work. 
 This is our Writing Center.  This is my 9th year of teaching.  Last year I tried this (thank you Pinterest!!!) and for the 1st time my kids began to use the writing center. I mean REALLY use the writing center!!!  I was so super excited.  This I love.  And I love the flexibility of this station.  The table pulls away from the shelf and we "borrow" chairs from the other tables in the room.  When center time is over they return the chairs and the table to their correct position.  It is  a lot of "moving" but it works for our room.  They kids love that the buckets and baskets come down. Some times they even use the floor instead of the tables. I love how easy it makes
 I use Frog Street Pre-K  this year.  I am enjoying it.  It is very different from what I have done in the past.  This spot our "Safe Spot" is part of Conscious Discipline. The kids love it.  The pillow, the "Cranky Cream" and the timers are their favorites. 
 The art center...And this is the center that I don't think needs any explanation.  Doesn't everyone have one of these? :)
 This is our Sensory Station.  It, of course, is a favorite.  Last year, this was my "goal" I spent the year focusing on beefing up the things that I could use in this center. I love what I did.  I had a parent make my table 5 years ago.  Now I store all my supplies under the table in three large totes.  I switch out the items in the table each week. Sometimes, we switch tables with the Pre-K 3 class in our building.  It really has been fun for me and for the kids. 
 This is our Dramatic Play center.  I don't feel like this is my "best" center in town.  But the kids love it.  There are times in the year when it is better than others.  Right now it is the first of the year so I only have the dishes and food out.  The puppet theater is also seen in this picture.  It was moved to the story center.  My personal kids were playing with it while we waited on their dad to fix the door that fell off. 
 This in our Science Center.  Not too exciting looking but the kids love it.  I have a lot of movement stuff that stays on this shelf year round that they can manipulate as well as any investigations we do throughout the week. 
 Because I teach in a Catholic School, we are required to have a Prayer Table.  This is our space.   I love that we have a space set up somewhere in our classroom to display a Bible.  It just makes my heart happy. 
The Math Center:  This is another one of those centers that I have a hard time thinking of things to "explain." Everyone has one.  
 My Desk:  The cleanest that it will EVER be.  I Never sit here It just becomes a place to pile things that I need to get to someday when I want to take a minute.  :) I have one more center that I did not
I have one more center that I did not get a picture of.  You can see it here.  The back table is the Language Center.  This center is anything to do with alphabet and words.  I usually have a lot of fine motor things in this center as well.

 I had a really hard time with my classroom this year.  For 8 years I have lived in these walls.  These walls have been neon green.  They have been FULL of color!!!!  I had to have something that would balance that, so I made the little bunnting.  I LOVE it!  It matched the skirt that I made for the water table a few years back and it matched the colors in the super hero kids and the alphabet chart that I had as well. 
So, the end of September is a little late for a classroom tour I know  but, life got the better of me.  I have been busy with life and blogging was not on the list of things to keep up with. :)

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