Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lesson's you can't "plan" for

My favorite kind of lessons are those lessons that you don't plan for.  Not just that you don't plan for them,  but that you CAN'T plan for them.

I had one of those lessons this week.

Now,  before I tell you the story of the unplanned lesson.  I must tell you something about me.  I am TERRIFIED of snakes.  And, my children know this.  They learn it around the time that we do letter bag S because "EVERYONE" and I mean "EVERYONE"  (not really but it sure feels like it) puts a snake in their S bag.  So, in class I "play" up my fear and we talk about what to do when we are afraid and how to handle ourselves.  Because I am at a Catholic school we talk about how God helps us when we are afraid.  It does not take our fear away,  but he will comfort us when we are afraid.  AND, knowing that there is going to be a plastic snake in the bag I can usually keep it together in front of the kids.  

It is the last week of school.  We are starting to put things away and pack things for summer.  I have pulled a tote out of the closet to put away a few games.  And what do I find when I open the tote.  4 plastic snakes.  That I KNOW are in the tote because I am the one that put them there.  Do you think it helped me in the "moment"?  Not one little bit.  I screamed and jumped and dropped the box on the ground.  And then when my ENTIRE class who had been working so well up until I disturbed them began looking at me and asking what was wrong I immediately began laughing all the while hyperventilating and shaking because I had scared myself with my own SNAKES!!!
So while I took a few moments to collect myself.  My lovelies decided that I needed signs on my tote to remind myself that there were snakes inside the box.  

The entire class, 24 lovelies, took it upon them selves to write me signs that say "BEWARE of SNAKES".  

Are they not just the most wonderful things you have ever seen?

I just could not have planned a better writing assessment.  And, I am sure that when they went home and told the story to their parents it was a story for sure. :) 

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