Monday, August 15, 2016

Just waiting...

 The carpet is waiting to be filled.  The books are waiting to be read.  The desk is waiting to be dirtied.  It is a common know fact that MY desk is the MESSIEST desk in the whole school.  I just remind myself (and anyone who mentions it) that so was Einsteins.
 The songs are waiting to be sung.  The paper is waiting for all the letters to be written.  Webster, our class pet, is waiting to meet new friends.
 The kitchen is waiting to be used.  The babies are waiting to be played with.  The easel is waiting for it's first glob of paint.
 The water table is waiting to be filled. The math center is waiting for children to count the items within.  The tile is waiting for its first mess to show just how easy it is to clean.
The calm spot is waiting.  Our nap critters are waiting for the first new friend snuggles.  Our texture basket is waiting for friends to explore. Tomorrow, the waiting is over! First day of school here we come!

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