Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I call them friends.

I have wanted to have a teaching blog for a while now.  Never jumped in.  Today is the day!  I finally signed out today (or the last Friday in May).   It is  a great feeling to turn in all my "information" for the year knowing that I have a full three months (any teacher knows this is not true) before I will be back in class.   I say that for all the "people"  who swear that the reason to teach is June, July, and August.  For me, I am in "class" for 7 days in June,  a day in July and our report back day is the 5th of August.   This year was a little different then most. Most people who know me know one very important thing.  I am a mess.  I just can not seem to get organized.  Well, not this year.  My assistant (she is a blessing from God) stayed for three extra days to help me go through and reorganize my classroom.  I have taught in this same school for 8 years now.   I had a lot of stuff when I started.  I have a  lot more stuff!  Thank you Karen Cox for great inspiration.  I have looked at her sight Pre-kinders for years.  Last summer she posted this post about how she organizes everything.  I worked on my trade books over spring break.  I loved how easy that was for the remainder of school.  Then, when school was out.  My assistant and I pulled everything out of the closets and went to work.  It felt so good to close down my classroom knowing how much easier it would be when I go back in August.

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