Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peg dolls

I have this "problem."  Really, I don't think it is a problem but my kids do.  I make things for my kids knowing they will end up in my classroom at some point.  And it will probably be sooner than later.  In April, when I do our superhero unit,  I bought some pegs to make these superheroes. I never got around to making them.  So, that has become a summer project.  I am sure that B has no idea that in April I will be taking these lovelies to school.  Now the fun part is that B painted the base coat on all of these so they are not "perfect" which drives me crazy.
 These are the villians that Dusty wanted.  Red Skull enemy to Captin America.  General Zod enemy to Superman (I thought Lex was superman's enemy but I guess since I am a girl I just don't know anything.)  And of course Riddler and Joker are enemy of Batman.  The funny thing about some of the other super heroes that I found was that they really did not have "enemies".  If you look closely you can see Thor.  I am still working on him. 
I also made some pretty cute pirates.  Charlie has requested some princesses and the Scooby Doo gang.  Dusty wants the Ghostbusters and Tombstone (we will see if I get those done), and Little Orphan Annie.  I think I might also try to make the Littles and a few families for my doll house.  These have become quite fun. 

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